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Exercise in Transparency

I began this with the purpose to journal a tough period in my life, to help navigate the emotions, to present perspective that could help me remain objective.

I call it an Exercise in Transparency, because I consider it experimental. I’ve written for years and shared privately or not at all. It’s always allowed me to recall a period of time and emotions from the outside looking in. It works like when you’re getting over a sinus infection and thinking “Wow, this sucks, but I feel a lot better than yesterday.”

It’s a rare thing to look back after an illness and think to yourself that it’s awesome you didn’t wake up with a stuffy, runny nose, and migraine. We just go on with our Monday taking our health for granted. I want this project to serve as a reminder that I’m not in that sick place anymore. For days, weeks, or months I’ve been doing a lot better than I expected.

It’s somewhat radical, but like any idea I dream up, I think it’s going to work.

No Limitations

I’ve recognized the gem in engaging the people around me in conversation. If you’re an open-minded person, you welcome multiple perspectives. In fact, time is normally the only limiting factor with any good exchange of view points. With this project, limitations of time and space don’t exist. Dialogue can flow without schedule.

The goal of making my writing public is to offer non-linear perspective that reaches the widest possible audience to produce the widest range of view points.

Like any idea I dream up, I think it’s going to work

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