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Published on: Nov 21, 2016

There’s great content on the interwebs. I need more time in the day or more eyes, because there’s not enough time to get through it all. The other matter of reading is that you have to sit still, and I’m a mover.

Sitting still is a problem for me (grade school teachers, I finally admitted it!), but I don’t want to miss anything from my favorite sites.

I like to be in motion. I like to have my hands freed up, and that’s why I love the genius of audio books, podcasts, ted talks,etc. In my time rowing or bike riding or driving or building, I can knock out a chapter, interview, or speech.

With the other movers in mind, I’ve decided to record my essays and offer an audio option with the content. I didn’t initially have the handicap in mind, but when I consider my inspiration for the idea, it makes complete sense.

Ted Talks offers a transcript, audio only option, and dubbed audio in multiple languages. It’s really like having an interpreter at a conference. Put simply, speak the language of everyone in the audience to touch everyone in audience. Genius!

I am offering an audio file of myself reading each post in the nature of an audio book. My fingers are crossed that it catches on to blog-only bloggers, especially some of my favorites: Millennial Revolution; Financial Samurai; Root of Good; Blog Tyrant. (Which reminds me, I need a logo and icon. Because why not?)

“It’s going to work, because it’s never been done.”

– Michael Wright

[If you’re reading this Monday morning, 21 Nov 2016, thank you for visiting and knowing when I release posts. If you’re wondering where the hell is the audio option for this post, I will likely not offer audio options for Blog posts because they’re short. Look out for audio links to be pop up starting today for all other posts/articles.]

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