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Mike_Wr/ January 30, 2017/ Blog/ 0 comments

This week’s post is an update on what’s cooking. I have some fun articles in draft, and my writing is sort of evolving.

I’ve started to feel like I want to write less and less with my opinions/speculation and more with real world evidence. It’s kind of exciting. It feels like reporting and journalism – digging for research, probing people with questions, etc. I didn’t see my writing going in this direction, but I think it’s something developing from a need to solidify credibility.

One piece I have in draft now discusses why there are so few career airmen. I’ll sit down with both the lifers, the early separated, and those that can’t wait to get out. I’ll answer the question on why I’ve stayed until retirement. I want to show numbers like a comparison of First Term Airman (FTA) that get out now versus when I was a first termer. I have some ideas about the answers, but I’ll need people in those seats to tell their stories.

Another piece I’ve been working on is dissecting the self storage business. I’m asking questions like why do us that have too much crap hold onto so much crap beginning with myself as a subject. I’m also pulling the data to show how awesome the self storage business has done looking back 5 years.

This is all new territory for my writing, but I like it. I’m down. I feel so investigative and stuff.


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