Adobe CC is the Best

Mike_Wr/ June 23, 2017/ Blog/ 0 comments

Why Adobe Creative Cloud

I decided to try out some of the Adobe tools, and I’m positive I won’t look back.

I’ve been spending time in Illustrator mostly and some in Photoshop. I’m creating logos beginning with my own.

I’m learning Illustrator with Adobe Illustrator CC Classroom in a Book (2017 release) and tutorials both on Safari Books Online. I’d forgotten about Safari, because at one point they stop accepting registrations for DoD accounts. But I’m back in there, and it’s a freakin gold mine.

I’m learning Dreamweaver next. I need the graphic creating know-how before I get into creating my own web site themes. That’s where this is going ultimately. I’d like to build site for small businesses. I want to be able to show them multiple dummy sites I build to show off the functionality, style, etc.

Why Did I Pull the Trigger

I’m really blown away by the capability of some of these applications. I also appreciate the pain-free way the files types work with each other. The uniformity, the common interfaces is really the selling point. And the cost per month to access the whole suite of applications is less than what I pay for my home internet.

I had my eye on some of the applications when they were CS5-6, and when the Creative Cloud stood up, I quietly through Adobe the middle finger. But there’s two significant advantages of the subscription model: application upgrades and cross-platform use without needing additional licenses.

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