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Beauty in Busy; Mike Drawing

There's some beauty in being busy. The opposite gets me in trouble.

I'm clocking serious hours in art work - a lot less writing. Drafts are stacking up, sure, but it's a good thing to have work to do. It's sounds weird saying that out loud, but seriously, I still love this web design and content creating nine months later. I'm still hungry, and that feels good. I'm me when I'm creating.

Mike Drawing

What's taking up my writing time is drawing, specially logo and icon work. I'm getting better with Illustrator and Photoshop, but the gap is still significant. It's like learning a new language where you know what you want to say, but you don't always know the words. My vocabulary is growing rapidly.

The logo work is fun. I'll use my sketchpad for drafts (it's good to see it getting work again). I'll do some free lance work with putting together packages for businesses - logos for print needs, web, social media, etc. The biggest obstacle at the moment is time. I'll hunt clients when it doesn't take eight hours to knock out a site icon. The logo stuff is a small step toward the overall business I want to do.

I want to build sites from concept to front end. That's the end goal.

I'm welcoming all work BTW. I haven't abandoned my articles. I'm just drawing a lot more at the moment


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