All Day I Dream About Marketing And Advertising

Mike_Wr/ August 23, 2017/ Blog/ 0 comments

All Day I Dream About Marketing And Advertising – Blog

It’s an awesome feeling to see someone’s eyes light up when you drop a little nugget about adjusting a web page, modifying content, designing business card, promoting an idea, pushing a membership campaign,etc.

I live for this stuff. It’s all I think about. It’s both gift and skill – the gift part being charisma, of course. It’s not only products and money making that I’m into but selling ideas too.

There’s certain things I nerd-out on like a really good speech or presentation. I study the good talkers and the bad ones to understant how they earn an audiences buy-in.

Everyone has their thing, ya know? I want to be a good talker and a great storyteller. I want to sell ideas to the closeminded and parables to the wisest. I want to sell mousetraps to rats and sunshine to Iraq.

I want to sell, sell, sell.

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