College Bashing 101: My Argument for Just Buying the Damn Books

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I thought for a long time that I needed college degrees to validate myself as a professional. What I think are the two most important factors for success in the professional world – application of knowledge (which is how I measure intelligence) and work ethic – can’t be satisfied by a degree program. Maybe there are Entrepreneur courses out there that emphasize certain habits and encourage developing skills.

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While I’m on my college bashing rant, I’ll mention that I used to bother me that some courses would make it only halfway through the text books. When I started paying attention to the pattern, I asked myself “Why don’t I just buy the text books and save the money spent on tuition??”

I haven’t completely sworn off higher education, but I’m not limiting my learning by what courses I can take in a given semester or how much time I spend on a particular topic in the text or how much I write about it or what scores I make on writing assignments or tests. If I want to learn Accounting, I will buy the book used in Accounting 101 or higher. Seems reasonable to me. Learn at my own pace and hang out in whatever part of the book I want for as

long as I want.

I have a lot of imagination, but it’s hard for me to list what degrees actually measure for me. On the surface, it’s that thing that says you paid all this money and gave all this time and passed all these classes. It’s the execution of that knowledge that puts you in the path of success. It’s real world application that matters. If you can skip the extra shyt, and get the knowledge, why wouldn’t you?

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