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When Facebook was my outlet, I wrote

“Groucho Marx said a lot of cool and hilarious things. One of those is ‘I refuse to join a club that would have me as a member‘.

Freakin beautiful. I understand it as a matter of passion. I’m not here to be a cog; I’m here to contribute and be awesome at this.

My entire approach to work (military) has been wrong for years – YEARS. I thought I needed to keep my passion, creativity, energy separate from my jobs. Why? I’m not sure, but I would guess to preserve/protect what made me, me or because I didn’t feel like the work was important enough to bring my best effort. Who knows – doesn’t matter. The point is I had it wrong, and the tension compounded with every assignment (since Ramstein). The conflict causes unhealthy stress because it takes A LOT more effort to keep the wall intact between home life and work than it does to just put whatever is great about you into your job…

More of that #thinkingoutloud “

facebook post october 2015 Groucho Marx quote

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