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The site description for the top domain mikewriting.com has been through some modifications. It’s changed about as much as the logo. I might be able to find the older versions, but probably not. I’ve been pretty thorough in making updates to all the site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) data and social media profiles. We’ll see what happens.

Google search results of "mikewriting"

Google® search result of “mikewriting”

This post is about how I eventually decided on the site description that I’m updating today. Being that this whole web site thing is an exercise in transparency, it’s fitting that I show the questions and answers from my notes.

Below you’ll see a screen shot of the document and wonder how I eventually got this down to 170 or less characters (170 is the standard based on my research of SEO and what bigger article sites are doing). I didn’t really. For now I’ll walk through getting to the big questions.

The Questions

My explanations of the website started pretty rocky. I think because I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted from it. Initially I explained “I talk about different issues and invite others to challenge my and their own perspectives. I write some funny articles too for entertainment. It’s not a Blog.” I still defend that the site is not a Blog, but I also completely accept that the meaning of blog changes from person to person. Although a Merriam-Webster’s definition exists, the definition of a blog remains subjective. I’ve even gone into how I associate the word blog with self-absorption and pretentiousness and how I intend to provide content with purpose. In fact, I made this subdomain follow.mikewriting.com to host all of my pretense and self-absorption i.e blog posts after removing the posts from the main site. Suffice to say my defining the site was centered around proving it wasn’t a blog. That didn’t work for me.

…the definition of a blog remains subjective

It didn’t work because I wasn’t giving the What (purpose), the Why (why anyone cares) or the How (the methods). You know how the brain works when a person gets an object: What is it? Why did you give it to me? How does it work? The mind has to be able to fill in the blanks. These were the thoughts that lead me to the right questions.

The Answers

Notes of questions I asked myself about the site

The notes I made to develop site description and articulate the purpose of “Mike Writing Articles” web site

While modifying The Why page, (mostly chopping about half of the text) I jotted down some very normal questions — questions like the ones I’d expect in a conversation. I thought of the most concise answers that would clearly present my intent and the product. I needed to be able to describe the site verbally and online.

The first play I made before working on the site description was changing the title of the main site to Mike Writing Articles to define the format of the content. From the gate, the readers expect that each piece is structured, researched, and thought-out. Then, per the rules of SEO, I knew my site description should mention the word articles.

Site Description: The Old and The New

The previous site description reads “Seasoned with satire, articles include funny lists, tales of introspection, and tips to be a better human. Written and Narrated by Michael Wright, Content Creator.”(you can see it at the top of this post also) It’s colorful. It fits the word count. I’ve been proud of it.

When I committed to the questions, I realized the passage only answered the How. It doesn’t express what I want for the audience or why they should care about the content.

I eventually decided on this statement, because it answered all 3 questions. It says what I want the content to do for the audience, the delivery methods and why the audience will benefit.

site description: Articles inspiring introspection and fruitful interactions through humor, storytelling, radical ideas, and How-To’s are written & narrated by Michael Wright

“Articles inspiring introspection and fruitful interactions through humor, storytelling, radical ideas, and How-To’s are written & narrated by Michael Wright”

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