Authenticity and My Face

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I came across an Instagram post about authenticity, and it reinforced something that’s been nagging me for a while about my web presence and this alias.

In the year and change I’ve been posting, I’ve never associated Mike Writing with my face. I ran with the idea — really an excuse — that “I want to be a voice right now.” I was hiding.

The Real Reason

I’m sure it’s convenient to say that vanity is at play, and it might be. But it’s more simple than that. I just have hated my appearance (I let myself go and gained over 35 lbs between Feb 2016 and Oct 2017). I am the person in my mind not the person I see in the mirror. I’ll explain better in case that doesn’t make sense.

The person I’ve been mentally hasn’t changed throughout this whole dramatic physical change. I still love running, jumping, climbing, lifting, throwing, playing, foot-racing, etc. That playful, fun time mentality never went away.

I love singing out loud, taking pictures and making videos. I’m always down for “performing.” I’m kinda extra in those ways. So there’s been a pretty significant conflict with not being comfortable in my skin and clothes.

Why The Shift

When I read content, I always appreciate seeing the who — the author. I’m not sure why, I guess it just eliminates the mystery. Maybe it’s that the presentation seems more sincere.

I think I’m not the only person that thinks like this. To piggy-back off the quote I mentioned, people do want to know the real you. There can’t be a genuine connection between a person and a logo when the person behind the logo is discussing personal things. We all want that human to human. Name and face. It’s like a handshake.

I believe the game I’m in with blogging and narrating takes that need up a notch. Have you ever heard someone speaking that you didn’t want to see their face?

You have all the other pieces to connect to me and my work: where I am on social media, my voice, why I make content and my background.

An Artist Point of View

We want to give as much of ourselves and our work to our audience. Just like I want to know as much as possible about the people that like my stuff, I can only expect that the people want to know me too.

I want to keep it real with you. Thanks for reading.

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