Perspective to Offer

Mike_Wr/ November 14, 2016/ Blog/ 0 comments

I began this to journal a tough period – an Exercise in Transparency. The goal of making my writing public is to offer non-ar perspective.

I Have an Idea (no audio)

Mike_Wr/ November 7, 2016/ Blog/ 0 comments

I live for the moments when I start a sentence with ‘I HAVE AN IDEA’, then I spaz. My heart speeds up. My eyes widen. My palms get sweaty – mom’s spaghetti. JINX! I can’t get the smirk off my face. I forget about anything else happening around me. I need to stand and probably pace. I kill the music. I

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Just Jump (first post) (no audio)

Mike_Wr/ October 23, 2016/ Blog/ 0 comments

published Oct 23, 2016 We begin this exercise in transparency extremely uninspired. I almost stalled one day for no reason at all. One thing about me that I can always bet on is that wheels are turning “up there” no matter my mood.   I’ve become obsessed with the right to change (better said the preservation of the right

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